September litter pick

The weather wasn’t great, but an intrepid team of 13, including one child and Councillors Steve Abbott and Raymond Le-Var met at the Springfield Campus for September’s litter pick.
We like to respond to residents’ requests and having heard about glass scattered under swings in the playground at Meriton Rec and lots of litter in the Nature Reserve at the bottom of Katherine Park we headed off to clear up both of these areas. Someone else had cleared the glass when we arrived but there was plenty of litter to pick up in the Nature Reserve. In fact there were some very large bits of fencing, a mattress, etc that we could not move ourselves so these will have to be picked up by the Council!

We also had groups litter picking around Corsham, including in the streets around the Campus, along the A4, Freestone Way, Valley Road, etc.

We collected 16 large bags of rubbish in all, in under 2 hours, and were rewarded with coffee and cupcakes (it was National Cupcake Week after all!)
We have also had groups out during the month, covering Furzehill, Tramways, Leafield Industrial Estate, Elley Green (including a section nicknamed Tin Can Alley by a resident for obvious reasons…), Lypiatt Road and Katherine Park Field, amongst others.
If you fancy giving litter picking a go, come along to our pick in October!