Litter picking tips


Equipment – bags and a litter picker or decent pair of gloves are the essentials, litter pickers can cost as little as £3-£4 on eBay or Amazon but for a good quality one try The Helping Hand Company brand.

Clothing – dress for the weather, if you are going to be outside for a couple of hours in winter do wear appropriate clothing, hats, scarfs, gloves, warm jackets and waterproofs if it is wet, in summer wear a hat and sun cream. Always wear high visibility jackets when litter picking along main, busy roads.

Rubbish disposal – ensure that whatever you collect is disposed of properly in a bin or if pre-arranged with the Council at an agreed spot. If you can, please recycle as much as possible.

Take care – be careful with broken bottles, sharp edges and other unsavoury items and be careful that children don’t pick these up.