August litter pick

On a dry day in August, 12 adults and 3 children donned their hi-vis jackets, grabbed their pickers and headed off into the unknown to clear Corsham of litter! We had a very successful morning with 20 bags of rubbish being collected in total.
Ruth Hopkinson, our Wiltshire and Corsham Town Councillor headed off with a group to Pockeridge Lakes and the ditch in Buckthorn Row and collected 7 bags of rubbish themselves! Apparently, those fishing use sweetcorn and spam as bait (who knew!) and the resulting tins are not always correctly disposed of ….. The ditch in Buckthorn Row was divested of lots of lost footballs and other rubbish cleared.

The three musketeers??

We also had groups litter picking to the north of Pickwick Road and around Corsham Regis Primary. Charles Street, Dickens Avenue, Priory Street and the garages behind Kings and Queens Avenues were targeted. One volunteer had a particularly lucky day and managed to find £11, which is being put towards the cakes we dig into after each litter pick!
Litter picking the garages at the back of Kings and Queens Avenues

Councillor Ruth Hopkinson and some of our other volunteers after a busy morning

We have also had groups out during the month, covering Freestone Way, Hatton Way, parts of Park Lane, Valley Road and Westwells Road amongst others. If you fancy doing your bit, come along to our next pick in September!