Corsham Town Council Cycling Strategy

Corsham Town Council held its first cycling strategy meeting of recent times on Wednesday 15th May.  The councillors acknowledged that the encouragement of cycling had multiple benefits connected with Corsham’s Strategic Plan and the strong desire to reduce carbon emissions.
Whilst a network of separate cycle paths serving Corsham and outwards for commutable distances would be the ideal the following objectives were put forward by the group:
  1. Work with Chippenham Town Council to facilitate a safe cycle route between Corsham and Chippenham.
  2. Develop safe cycle routes for functional cycling from residential areas to Corsham town centre and employment areas.
  3. Devise and promote a Corsham family circular cycle route and promote facilities in Katherine Park and Springfield play area.
  4. Consider the development of a slalom track in Corsham for mountain bike riders.
  5. Develop an engagement plan with current and potential cyclists to share ideas and promote schemes.
  6. Installation of additional “usable” cycle racks in the town centre.
The Draft Cycle Strategy will be issued for consultation shortly.  I strongly urge you read the document and feed back any comments.  A link to the document will be posted here in due course

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