Transport Group Meeting

Minutes of First Transport Group Meeting 6th March – Pound

We discussed promoting 20mph Speed zones and shared space in Corsham. We identified that getting people’s opinion was important as part of generating support. 20mph may not be supported by the police because of enforcement issues. We will need to produce a map of the proposed routes that would be the subject of the restriction to allow people to understand the proposal and and make suggestions. Shared space would be expensive so any implementation would need to be limited to ‘lines on the road’ and well placed street furniture. What ever we come up with needs to be cheap to implement as budgets are reducing year on year.
Action: Tim, Rob, AM to attend the Bicycle Film at the Pound. AM to produce Corsham maps handout to allow people to identify routes they would make 20mph.
The film promotes local authorities to spend £10 per head of population on cycle infrastructure.
All significant developments require a Travel plan which identify the potential increased traffic that the development may produce. These travel plans should be followed up once the development is in place however, this is not usually done due to budget restrictions. There is always a Wiltshire council coordinator who’s job this is.
Action: Rob, to find a number of travel plans relating to developments in Corsham, their respective coordinator and whether there has been any follow up.
Transport 30 year Vision for Corsham.
We also discussed producing a 30 year aspirational Transport Vision for Corsham with a potential best and worse projections. This would help people to see what transport would be like in 30 years time if
1, things carry on as they are or
2 what they could be like with some imagination and political will.
We need to compile a list of key people in Wiltshire Council, Sustrans, CTC, Town Council etc.

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